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Coeur du Val Fighter Practice Site

The Shire of Coeur du Val has its fighter practice at the Corvallis Scout House on SW Allen:

Corvallis Scout House

For first time guests, please read the following.

Coeur du Val Fighter Site Rules

These are the rules set down by the owners of the Troop 3 Cabin. Please help us keep the use of this site by not only following them yourself, but by making sure guests of Coeur du Val are made aware of them.

  • No Alcoholic beverages of any kind.
  • No drugs or drug paraphernalia are allowed on the premises.
  • No smoking in the Troop 3 cabin allowed. No smoking by anyone under 18 anywhere on the grounds. Persons over 18 may smoke outside, but they must clean up all evidences of smoking immediately (i.e. disposing of cigarette butts in a safe manner in a garbage container).
  • Do not turn on the heat. They give us a cut rate because we do not drain the electricity. If onlookers get cold (fighters rarely do) bring wood and blankets and get comfy by the fireplace, but make sure that the fire is out when leaving and do not burn their wood.
  • Do not go into the office. IT IS ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS. And do not use the phone.
  • Always return furniture to its proper place and clean up all debris (including Big Gulp cups and duct tape rolls).
  • Leave quietly. Remember that there is a minister and his family living in the house in front.

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