Regular local happenings

Shire Business Meeting

Typically the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Westminster House (“West M”) on Monroe and 23rd (101 NW 23rd St.) in Corvallis. There is generally plenty of parking at the site itself but if for some reason they are crowded, we are able to use the "Staff" parking across the street. We're in the lounge on the eastern side of the building kind of opposite the main street entrance on the western side.
Contact our Seneschal for more information

Fighter Practice

Every Tuesday at the Corvallis Boy Scout Lodge from 7 to 9 p.m. This is for both heavy and rapier fighters. Archery is also happening more frequently but there's no set schedule for when so just show up if you can and cross your fingers. Viewers and A&S folks are of course always present and welcome. This is one of the most consistent gatherings in CdV but not the most punctual; if no one is there at 7, wait awhile.

Contact our Marshal (see Officer’s page) for more information. Out of town attendees are strongly encouraged to call ahead for directions and information.

Newcomer’s Events

Newcomer’s Events are open to anyone who wants to learn about the SCA. All our meetings are, but Newcomer’s Events are specifically set up to answer questions and help newcomers get started. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Dance Nights

Medieval dance practice takes place every Thursday night at OSU's Withycome Hall in room 217. Withycome is located at 2921 SW Campus Way.

Arts & Sciences Night

There are many opportunities to get involved with Arts & Sciences in Coeur du Val. Upcoming A&S activities include Medieval Cooking Nights, Sewing & Crafts Nights, various classes, and occasional Bardic nights. Please contact the A&S officer for more information.

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