Officers & Contacts

Seneschal badge

Her Ladyship Solbella haTayeret
(mka Tia Knight) 541-760-3599

Exchequer badge

Dyrfinna Thrirdrakkarfjorden
(mka Antoinette Nicolai) 408-828-7779

Arts and Sciences Officer badge

Arts and Sciences Officer
Lady Nest verch Alan
(mka Molly Zimmerman)

Marshal badge

Viscount William Geoffrey the Rogue
(mka name not posted)

Chatelaine (newcomer contact) badge

Chatelaine (newcomer contact)

(mka name not posted)

Chamberlaine badge

Lord Cillian Fitzwilliam
(mka Cole Wilson)

Arts and Sciences Deputy  badge

Arts and Sciences Deputy
Heinrich von Totenberg
(mka Peter Young)

Seneschal Deputy badge

Seneschal Deputy
Marcus Octavius Rufus
(mka Josh McCallum)

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