Shire of Coeur du Val

If you like archery, singing, dancing, rapier or armored fighting, cooking, sewing, reading, service, chivalric behavior, or medieval arts and skills, you'll find people who share your interests here. We hold weekly and monthly local gatherings in addition to weekend long events, which draw costumed folk from the entire region. Have some spare time and want to know some nifty links? Would you care to join our e-mailing lists?

Shire Online Communities

There are two unofficial Facebook groups frequented by members of The Shire:

"Coeur du Val Fighter Practice" and

"Unofficial Group for the Shire of Coeur du Val"

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Who are we?

The Shire of Coeur du Val, located in Benton County, Oregon, is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Coeur du Val is in the Principality of the Summits, part of the Kingdom of An Tir.

Our Shire's arms (heraldic device) are drawn as above: "Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert, a chief wavy azure goutty d'eau."

Within the envions of the shire is the Freehold of Turris Nimborum, affiliated with the students of Oregon State University.

Where were you in A.S. 10?
The Barometer article chronicling the humble beginnings of the shire, at Oregon State University.

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